In parallel with secondary school, training, or university studies, you can get to know the Foundation’s institutions during an internship. The obligatory internship in conservation can also be completed at the Foundation.

A young woman speaks to seated listeners

In internships for secondary school students, orientation, and university students, young people get to know the work of the institutions and their collections. © SPK / Pierre Adenis

Around 300 young people in training and university and secondary school students complete an internship at the Foundation. In the process, they acquire diverse experience and become familiar with the practices of a large cultural institution. Internships are available in all five of the Foundation’s institutions. The Central Administration also offers a limited number of internships.

The duration of internships depends on the relevant training and exam regulations. Volunteer internships are not possible for the time being. Other internships are obligatory prior to beginning study as specified in the regulations for studies.

Applications should be sent directly to the directors of the museums or the heads of the institutions and departments.