Student Assistants and Research Assistants

During your university studies, you can receive academic training as an assistant at the Foundation. After completing your degree and while working on your doctorate, there are opportunities to work in various research fields.

Two people lean over a relief as the man explains the object

Student assistants and research assistants support the Foundation and its institutions with research tasks. © SPK / Pierre Adenis

The Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation) is a research institution and as such is obligated to support future generations of scholars. As a student assistant or research assistant, you can acquire practical skills in research in one of the Foundation’s institutions.

While at the university, you can apply as a student assistant. Enrolment at a university is required. On completing your studies, or while pursuing your doctorate, you can work as a research assistant. You will find all posted listings for student assistants and research assistants in the Open Positions portal. Details on the requirements, the area of activity and compensation will be found in the relevant listing.