The Foundation and its institutions publish around a hundred books and other print products annually. The spectrum of publications also includes CD series and online editions of specific holdings.

Our exhibition catalogs, museum guides and children’s books, most of which are lavishly illustrated, speak to a wide audience. Most are published by the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin or the Musikinstrumenten-Museum. There are also series of CDs and DVDs being published, for example, of concerts with historical instruments from the Musikinstrumenten-Museum. Increasingly, the museums are also producing merchandising products.

In addition, all the Foundation’s institutions produce scholarly publications. Most of these convey the results of research or make their holdings accessible. Publications on the services and cross-disciplinary tasks of the Foundation offer important information for other cultural and scientific institutions as well.

Of the approximately one hundred print publications the Foundation and its institutions publish annually, around forty per cent are self-published. The others are published in collaboration with various publishing houses.

Online publications play an increasingly important role, especially with the aim of making the collections accessible to the public. Examples include the annotated online editions of musical autographs in the Staatsbibliothek, of ancient papyruses and of documents from the Geheimes Staatsarchiv PK. Increasingly, scholarly publications from the Foundation’s institutions are being made available online.

The President publishes the Jahrbuch Preussischer Kulturbesitz and SPK Magazine. He also releases other separate publications that shed light on specific tasks and themes of the Foundation.

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