Income, Donations, and Third-Party Funding in 2020

The Foundation brings in its own revenue by offering diverse services to its visitors and users. It also applies to third parties for funding for research projects, new acquisitions, exhibitions, and other projects.


The Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz generates income, for example, from admission fees and the sale of tours, usage fees, and lending fees as well as the sale of publications and merchandising products. In 2020 these receipts totaled 15,7 million euros.

Raising Money from Donations

In order to improve its revenue base, the Foundation is expanding its sponsoring agreements with commercial enterprises. Since 2014, the Foundation has received financial support from the Board of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. Income from donations of objects and funds totaled 2,7 million euros in 2020.

Third-Party Funding

The Foundation and its institutions have successfully sought third-party funding for their work. Third-party funding is raised above all for research projects, exhibitions, acquisitions, and restoration projects. For 2020, revenue from third-party funding totaled 31,8 million euros. This sum included funds for the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek in the amount of 10,7 million euros.