Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has the task of advising the Foundation Board and the President on specialist issues. It embodies the external, independent specialist knowledge necessary for the Foundation’s work.

The Advisory Board meets at least once a year, as a rule in Berlin. The President takes part in its meetings. The Advisory Board formulates position statements and recommendations on technical issues relating to museums, libraries and archives as well as scientific matters. They are not binding.


The Advisory Board is composed of representatives of important German scientific and cultural institutions. Its members, of which there are no more than fifteen at any time, serve on a volunteer basis. They are recommended by the federal and state governments and appointed by the Foundation Board. Their term in office is five years, and they may be reappointed.

Expert Committees

In accordance with the fields represented in the Foundation, the Advisory Board has a committee on libraries and another on museums. The Library Committee is responsible for all the libraries and archives in the Foundation. The Museum Committee advises on issues of all museums in the Foundation. The President can take part in the meetings of these committees.

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