The President heads the Foundation. He is its legal representative and manages its ongoing business. At that he is supported by the specialized departments and the central administration.

The President has extensive responsibility for all the Foundation’s current business. On important basic issues, he must involve the Foundation Board. The Central Administration reports directly to the President. With its support, he implements the decisions of the Foundation Board. He is elected by the Foundation Board and appointed by the Federal President of Germany. The Vice President is also elected by the Foundation Board. The seat of the President and the Central Administration is the Villa von der Heydt.

Former Presidents of the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz

  • 1962 - 1977: Former State Secretary Hans-Georg Wormit (until July 5, 1967, his title was Curator)
  • 1977 - 1998: Prof. Werner Knopp
  • 1998: The functions of the President of the Foundation were conducted by Vice President Norbert Zimmermann
  • 1998 - 2008: Prof. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann
  • seit 2008: Prof. Hermann Parzinger

Information on the Current President

Präsident Hermann Parzinger vor dem Doppelstandbild der Prinzessinnen Luise und Friederike von Preußen
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