Grant Program of the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz

The Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz has established its own grant program. Each year, it welcomes approximately thirty visiting scholars from across the world and makes it possible for them to pursue their research at one of the Foundation’s institutions.

Period and Amounts of the Grants

The grants awarded by the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation) last one to three months. Those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree receive 1300 euros a month. Those with a PhD or comparable qualification receive 1600 euros a month. In addition to the grant, a one-time travel grant of 500 euros can be paid.

Applying for a Grant

To apply for a grant you must have received at least one university degree when you apply. Send your application directly to the institution where you wish to do your research. Please observe the relevant application deadlines.

Additional information, the application form, and contact information can be found on the Internet pages of the SPK institutions.

Other Funding Possibilities for Research in the SPK Institutions

Numerous international scholars do research at the Foundation’s institutions with grants from a wide variety of other institutions. The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin) also have their own grant program. Please check the Internet page of the institution in question for additional information about grant possibilities.