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News from 10/24/2022

The new Bauakademie will be an example of sustainability in architecture

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The reconstructed version of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s former Bauakademie (Building Academy) in the historical center of Berlin will be “an outstanding example of architectural innovation and environmental, economic and social sustainability in the building industry,” according to the Federal Bauakademie Foundation. The expert commission engaged to pave the way for the architectural design competition announced that “the new Bauakademie building should reflect this forward-looking orientation” in the spirit of Schinkel’s work. The commission also stipulated that the upcoming design competition should “deal with the history of the location in a respectful way by forging connections to both the innovative power of Schinkel’s works and the specific Bauakademie structure that Schinkel himself built. The Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation) has played an active part in discussions surrounding the Bauakademie, calling attention to its role as custodian of Schinkel’s entire estate as well as an important architectural collection.  Here, we provide a revised list of related articles, proposals, and trends.

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