Staatsbibliothek: Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Has a New Director

News from 06/28/2022

Foundation Board selects Carolin Schreiber to head the Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books

Portrait of a woman in front of a bookshelf

Starting in the fall of 2022, Carolin Schreiber will head up the newly established Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library). The department was formed back in April 2022, when the Department of Manuscripts was merged with the Department of Early Printed Books. The two fields are closely interrelated in terms of their subject matter and face identical challenges in many areas. It is therefore hoped that the merger will generate useful synergies.

SPK President Hermann Parzinger said: "By appointing Ms. Schreiber, the Staatsbibliothek has made an important personnel change that will allow the field of manuscripts and early printed books to flourish and will secure its place in the world of national and international libraries well into the future."

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