Annual Press Conference

The annual press conference is held in Villa von der Heydt, where the Foundation’s president has his office. The press kit includes a summary of the Foundation's activities over the past year and its outlook for the future, as well as information about its budget, visitor and user statistics, and an overview of planned exhibitions and events. Press kits are available for this year's conference and for earlier conferences as far back as 2006.

Please note that all the documents on the Foundation’s annual press conference are published in German only. Use the following link to view the Press Folders in overview.

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 Ingolf  Kern
Ingolf Kern

Head of Media and Communications Department

+49 30 266 411440


 Birgit  Jöbstl
Birgit Jöbstl

Head of Media, Communications, Publications

+49 30 266 411445


 Stefan  Müchler
Stefan Müchler

Press Officer

+49 30 266 411422