Representation of Interest Groups

The interests of the Foundation’s employees are represented by the human resources counselors. The SPK also has commissioners for employees with special needs, for equal treatment and for data privacy and the prevention of corruption.

Representation of Employees

 Ellen  Prigann

Ellen Prigann

Chairperson Staff Council of the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz

+49 (0)30 266 411460


 Jeannette  Pauly

Jeannette Pauly

Chairperson Staff Council of the Central Administration

+49 (0)30 266 412762


Representative for Equal Treatment

 Karin  Donaczi

Karin Donaczi

Representative for Equal Treatment in the Central Administration

+49 (0)30 266 411470


Representation of Employees with Special Needs

 Christa  Unruh

Christa Unruh

Representative for Employees with Special Needs

+49 (0)30 266 424124


Prevention of Corruption

 Gerd  Lukoschik

Gerd Lukoschik

Contact Person for the Prevention of Corruption

+49 030 266 411412


Data Privacy

For questions concerning the issue of data privacy, there are contact people at the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz whom you can reach by e-mail.