Protection Against Illegal Excavations and Trafficking

The Foundation works with international partners to help protect cultural property against crime. Antiquities, in particular, are seriously threatened by illegal excavations and trafficking.

Aerial photo showing a looted archaeological site at Umma Tell Jokha in Iraq (Opens a larger version of the image)

Aerial photo showing holes and pits dug in a looted archaeological site at Umma Tell Jokha in Iraq (2003) © Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale

Illegal excavations and trafficking lead to the destruction of the cultural heritage of humanity. Clear import and export guidelines are therefore urgently needed. Together with the countries of origin, the Foundation campaigns for effective steps to be taken against the looting and criminal exploitation of cultural assets.

Clear Guidelines for the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Some years ago, the Foundation adopted an internal policy on dealing responsibly with ancient artifacts. German law does not yet protect cultural property adequately. The SPK therefore advocates new cultural heritage legislation. more

Global Network for Protecting Cultural Heritage

The Foundation is committed to international action in response to the worldwide threat to cultural heritage. A collaborative project is investigating illicit trade and devising new methods of protecting cultural assets. more