Welfenschatz: Hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court

News from 12/08/2020

On December 7, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the arguments in the legal dispute over whether the Guelph Treasure case falls within the jurisdiction of the United States. A decision is due early next year.

Exhibition hall with multiple showcases
© SPK / photothek.net / Janine Schmitz

Hermann Parzinger, the SPK's President, stated: “We are pleased to have had this historic opportunity to present the U.S. Supreme Court with the reasons why we believe that U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over this case. In addition to the jurisdictional arguments, we emphasized SPK’s deep commitment to provenance research and to the fair and just resolution of legitimate claims to Nazi-confiscated art, consistent with the Washington Conference Principles that have guided our approach to restitution matters for more than two decades. In these twenty years we restituted nearly two thousand works from our collections to the heirs of victims of Nazi persecution."

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