Contract Signed With Herzog & de Meuron

News from 02/05/2018

Now it is all signed and sealed: the Swiss architectural practice will see its design for the Museum des 20. Jahrhundert built on the Kulturforum.

Innenperspektive des Entwurfs für Herzog & de Meuron
© Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd., Basel, mit Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Zürich, Schweiz

The entry by Herzog & de Meuron won the design competition for the Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts (Museum of the 20th Century) at the Kulturforum. The signing of the contract in early 2018 means that the Swiss practice is now officially commissioned as the architect of the new building for the Nationalgalerie. 

The measures needed to set up the project have been underway since the competition jury announced its decision in October 2016. The planning and construction of the entire project is being managed by the state of Baden-Württemberg's department for federal construction projects, acting as the project manager on behalf of the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation). In 2017, the SPK began by reaching agreement with the Evangelical (Protestant) Church authorities on the distances to be kept between the existing St. Matthew's Church and the new museum building. At the end of November 2017 the Foundation, as the client, appointed an advisory council as a neutral entity at the interface between politicians, the public, the client, and the project manager. Beginning in December 2017, initial subsoil investigations have been carried out on the site of the future museum. These are an indispensable prerequisite for any subsequent planning or site preparation and construction work at the Kulturforum. In January 2018, the city council, the Senat, submitted the outline building plan to the Berlin House of Representatives for approval, which under planning law is a preliminary step towards gaining permission for the museum to be built.

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