Communicating Culture

    Menschen verschiedenen Alters wird das Relief im Treppenhaus des neuen Musuems erklärt

Familientag 2018 im Neuen Museum © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/Juliane Eirich

Dossier Communicating Culture

Cultural institutions have the important task of preserving and researching all of the human history in their collections. It is just as relevant, if not more so, to make this rich heritage accessible to people and show what the objects and writings still have to say to us today.

Education and mediation work – using a wide variety of communication forms to reach the greatest variety of people – builds bridges between objects and people, making cultural heritage come alive. This work can take the form of archive boxes for school groups, museum tours by refugees for refugees, measures taken by outreach curators, and digital museum guides. The various forms of education and mediation work turn cultural facilities into social places of learning and discussion.

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